League Program Migration Update

Thank you for your continued support as an affiliate with the League Store programs. It’s a time of transition and we’d like to invite you to continue to work with us as these affiliate programs enter a new era with a new exclusive affiliate network home at ShareASale.com on April 1st, 2016. If you haven’t already joined up at our new network home and swapped out your links, we’d encourage you to take a moment and do this as soon as possible to avoid any interruption of sales being tracked and commissions earned. Continue reading “League Program Migration Update”

SportsMemorabilia.com closing on CJ – becoming ShareASale Exclusive

Sports Memorabilla Moves to ShareASale
Effective 7/31 the SportsMemorabilia.com affiliate program will close on the CJ by Conversant Network and operate as a ShareASale Exclusive affiliate program. Affiliates from CJ by Conversant are invited to continue their participation on the new network platform. Offer details of the program will not change as the payout for most affiliates will continue at up to 12% with a 30 day cookie. Affiliates whose primary means of driving traffic is trademark + coupon SEO will earn 3% commissions with a shorter cookie window.
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Share-A-Sale Make A Page Feature

Seahawks Make A Page Header

Seahawk Jersies

The products below are all trackable links created through Shareasale’s Make A Page section.

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