How to appeal a declined affiliate application

How to deal with an affiliate application that was declined by the Fanatics affiliate team

So you submitted an application to one of the 30+ affiliate programs operated by the Fanatics Affiliate Team, but you really want to become an affiliate.  You’re probably frustrated and looking for next steps to get yourself in the program so you can start making money promoting our selection of fan gear for your favorite team.     The first thing you need to do is take a step back and check out your affiliate profile in the network you applied in.  Then you should take a look at the site or social media pages you applied with to see if you can make some adjustments that will help us make a different decision.

Common Affiliate Profile Issues:

-Sites listed in profile didn’t load (we can’t approve applications from sites that aren’t live)
-No contact information
-No contact name given in profile
-Negative ratings in profile
-Mentioned using marketing methods we don’t allow (PPC, PPV, Toolbars, Media Buying) in your application
-You are located in a state with an Affiliate Nexus Tax (AR,KS, ME, MN RI,VT) and we’re not currently accepting affiliates from your state.

Your profile is generally all we have to work with in making an approval decision and we get dozens of applications a day to review, so it’s critical that your profile help us quickly access all the information that we need to take action.

Common Site Issues:

-Site(s) listed in your application didn’t load
-Parked domain
-Trademark issues (use of team, league or player names in domain, unauthorized use of logos)
-No unique content on site
-Site is a “banner farm” with no content, just banner ads
-Site in application is a cloned money making system site
-Content not a fit
-Objectionable content (adult, hate speech, weapons, violence, content doesn’t reflect well on brand)
-Spammy content
-No engagement on social pages

What we’re looking for in our affiliate partners are content creators with a connection to an audience that would have interest in our products.   Our most successful affiliate partners invest time and energy in building communities where they can mention our products in the natural flow of conversation on site.   They own their own domain and are building a brand that audiences associate with quality content. They build audience trust so that they audience reacts when they make a recommendation.  They use test links and product ads in their content, or curate product recommendations in their site, blog, forum or social media posts.

If you see some issues above that occur on your site, we recommend that you check out the free resource at – this resource, written by Affiliate Summit co-founder Shawn Collins is a practical guide to how to build out a WordPress-based affiliate marketing platform in an area that you have knowledge in and are passionate about.

If you’ve been declined, please refer to the list of potential issues above and do what you can to get any issues you find in your affiliate profile or on your marketing platforms in order, then email us at and request that we review the application.

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