We have dedicated support and you can always contact our Affiliate Manager, and Wade Tonkin via a number of methods. You can reach him during business hours (8:30 – 5:30 Monday – Friday) at 904.271.4168 or on his mobile at 360.540.0730. You can also reach Wade by email at wtonkin@fanatics.com . Some other ways to keep up to speed on what is happening in the Fanatics program including following us on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/FanaticAffs or following our Facebook Page.
You can access your account at any time, 24 hours a day – 7 days a week, using the username and password for your account. The reporting is all web based and easy to use for your convenience. How does the Football Fanatics Affiliate Program track the sales and the leads on the Web? We use Partner Site ID’s (PSID’s) to track sales through affiliate’s websites. The Partner ID’s are only used to identify affiliate generated sales and we do not collect any other information. After a sale we are able to determine the total amount of commission to be paid to the affiliate and which affiliate was responsible for that sale.
Since each partner has their very own Partner ID embedded in their links, we are able to match the sale with the affiliate who caused the action.
We issue payments via check on the 20th of each month for sales that closed int he previous month. We have to allow time to review sales and leads in the case of returns, invalid credit cards, etc.
You can choose whichever products you would like to feature on your site. We offer over 180,000 products for over 600 teams across multiple leagues and they are all available for you to promote. Simply join our program to get started. If you have any questions or issues, please contact Wade at partners@footballfanatics.com.
You will have instant access to our graphics library containing graphics for NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and over 60 NCAA Universities. Banners come in all shapes and sizes, if you need a certain size please contact partners@footballfanatics.com
A data feed is a text file containing a merchant’s products, URL’s, product image links, categories, prices and descriptions of the products that an affiliate downloads into a database. Content in a data feed may vary from merchant to merchant as some may supply more information than others. Using a data feed properly can help to ensure you will have updated products on your site. Data feeds can be presented in one of many formats depending on the merchant’s programmer. The most common formats are pipe delimited and tab delimited. You must have access and the ability to create databases on your server in order to use a data feed. The data feed will need to be uploaded to your server before you can utilize it and display the products on your site. Football Fanatics has a data feed with over 180,000 products for over 600 teams all available to you once you become an affiliat
1. Promote Special Events – Sports is an ever changing market and it is very important to stay on top of what leagues and items are hot. There are several events in sports that can boost sales dramatically such as drafts, playoffs and championships. Staying informed of when these events occur and promoting them quickly and properly can result in a dramatic increase in sales. 2. Promote Relevant Products – Converting traffic into sales is the key to success in any affiliate program, therefore we recommend promoting products relevant to the content on your site. We have seen a lot of sites that are dedicated to a sport such as NASCAR trying to promote another type of sport such as the NFL and the conversion rate suffers. Make sure all of the links you promote on your site are relevant to its content. Once you send the traffic to us, we will handle promoting and selling other merchandise. After visitors have clicked your link and landed on our site, you will receive credit for any purchase they make regardless of league or sport. 3. Utilize Our Data Feed – One of the best ways to appeal to a target audience is to utilize our data feed. A data feed gives you access to ALL of our products and allows you to pick and choose which products you want featured on your site. For example, if you had a site promoting basketball it would allow you to display any number of basketball items very easily. You can even choose to narrow it down to league or team. If you are not familiar with what a data feed is, please see “What is a data feed” above. 4. Keeping Content Fresh – As mentioned before, sports is ever changing. A team’s roster or win record can look vastly different than the prior year and it is very important to inform your visitors. Stay on top of what is happening in your particular niche and place special emphasis on promoting new or special event items to maximize profitability. 5. Be Different – Offer something on your site that to your knowledge no one else does or do it better by putting your own spin on it. Make your site the only source for that particular content. This creates incentive for your visitors to come back. For example, if you’re a blog offer your own unique views. If you’re a fan site, keep your content fresh and be the first to update visitors on your team to help maximize results.
This feature offers you a report on your top selling products within the last 30 days. Seasonality is key in the world of sports and this information will allow you to have a better idea of what products are selling on your site during key times of the year.
This feature allows you to add a source to any of your links to track their performance. You will now be able to determine which links have the highest click-through and conversion rates. Simply add the following code to any of your links to our site. (Note: YOURSOURCE in the following code should be replaced with your desired source characters) /partnerid/~PartnerID~/source/AFF_~PartnerID~_YOURSOURCE For Example if your PSID was 1234: Homepage would be: http://www.footballfanatics.com/partnerid/1234/source/AFF_1234_YOURSOURCE Team Page would be: http://www.footballfanatics.com/NFL_New_England_Patriots/partnerid/1234/source/AFF_1234_YOURSOURCE Specific Item would be: http://www.footballfanatics.com/COLLEGE_LSU_Tigers/Nike_LSU_Tigers_White_Wool_Classic_Hat/ partnerid/1234/source/AFF_1234_YOURSOURCE
This feature allows you to determine which URL’s on your site are responsible for the most traffic sent to our site. This information will help you determine what pages on your site are performing the best and allow you to either optimize their placement on your site or model other pages after them.
This feature will allow you to analyze your site’s performance in comparison to the same time period as the prior year. The best way to utilize this report is to take note of your marketing campaigns and strategies at key times of the year and capitalize on the campaigns that have proven to be successful.
For tax purposes, we need all of our United States based affiliate to fill out and return the W-9 form located here: http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf before we will release the initial commission check. This form should be either faxed to the attention of Christina Trace at 904-421-5238 or scanned and emailed to Christina at ctrace@fanatics.com