Nike's Game-Changing 2012 NFL Jerseys are on sale now at Fanatics

Affiliates can now earn commissions promoting 2012 Nike NFL Jerseys

We’re extremely excited to announce that the 2012 Nike NFL Jerseys are now available for sale at Fanatics!    Fanatics is now offering a wide selection of player name jerseys as well as Custom Printed Jerseys that can be made to feature almost any name and number combination.  To understand a bit about the features of the 2 classes of Nike NFL Jerseys currently available for sale, you can visit our Nike Jersey info page.    If you have seen any video of the new uniforms, or checked out online pictures, you may have noticed that in most cases, the actual logos and look of the uniforms didn’t change much.  The main changes to the new Nike NFL Uniforms are in the fabric used, construction of the jerseys, and the fit.   Nike has pioneered the use of performance fabrics that help keep the players cool and protect from abrasion.    Nike’s fit has a more streamlined (slimmer) cut for both men and women’s jerseys.  We’ll be producing a video shortly that you can use on your sites to explain the difference and making that video available through our networks that allow use of video.

We’ve uploaded banner sets promoting the new Nike NFL Jersey line in our affiliate networks as well as in the Graphic Library for our internal affiliates.   If you’d like to work with us, you can join our Internal Program, or work with us through ShareASale, AvantLink, or Commission Junction.