There a ton of sites and resources available that you can put into play to help you become a better affiliate.  Here’s some that we like and recommend.

Discussion Boards/Forums/Affiliate Blogs:

Affiliate Summit Forum – Home of the Fanatics Support Forum and the official forum of the Affiliate Summit Conference.

ABestWeb -  ABestWeb is the world’s largest Affiliate Marketing forum with 99,301 members and 119,061 discussions.  Affiliate marketers—from newbie to experts—come to ABW to learn and earn more by sharing information about networks, merchants and best practices.

Affiliate ABC’s – Blog, Podcast and Forum from Deb Carney and a cast of Affiliate Industry experts that focuses on teaching new affiliates the basics of the business that will help any affiliate regardless of experience raise their game.

Blogging ABC’s – Podcast featuring Affiliate Marketing Rockstars Deb Carney, Tricia Meyer, Vinny O’Hare, James Martell and more focused on how to be a more productive blogger and generate revenue for your blogging efforts.

Fanatics on Facebook – this is the best place to get quick access to information upcoming promotions, webinars and marketing advice.  Get support from Fanatics affiliate management and fellow affiliates.

Eric Nagel Blog – Eric is one of the top affiliate bloggers out there.  He regularly posts awesome content on SEO, Paid Search, Marketing with Coupons and some of the more technical aspects of the affiliate business.  if you aren’t following him on his blog, or on Twitter at you are missing out. is an aggregation of podcasts for geeks, as well as the home of the GeekCast show, which covers all areas of Internet marketing, including affiliate marketing, social media, video, search engine marketing, and mobile.

Site Building Tools:


DataFeedr – Datafeedr is a system that enables affiliates to create &and embed an affiliate store into your WordPress blog WITHOUT touching any clunky datafeed files, learning a programming language or hiring expensive programmers. Fanatics and Surf Fanatics are supported by DataFeedr out of the box.  See DataFeedr in action in our webinar

PopShops – PopShops is the largest and the most reliable affiliate feed aggregator, with over 60 million products and deals. Build a custom affiliate storefront or use the PopShops data feed API for 30 days–free. Fanatics and Surf Fanatics are available in PopShops.

GoldenCan – Use GoldenCAN Data Feed Integration™, Store Integration™, Coupon Integration™, Search Integration™, Keyword Stores™ and Keyword Category Stores™ to display millions of data feed products, thousands of coupons and recent price drop products on your website from one or multiple merchants, across networks with only one line of code.  Fanatics and Surf Fanatics are integrated and available for addition to your GoldenCan store.

WordPress - Great affiliate site infrastructure piece.  Using WordPress and the awesome selection of free themes and plugins, anyone can put together an effective affiliate site.   Some Premium plugins and themes are available that are targeted to helping users generate more revenue as well.



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