Question of the Week: Can I use content from Fanatics on my site?

I get this question frequently and the answer is yes….. and no.

You can use anything that we provide in the affiliate datafeed – this includes product images, product names product descriptions, names of brands, prices, etc., provided that you are using the images or descriptions in conjunction with an affiliate links.

You CANNOT under any circumstances use seo copy from our site – this copy usually appears at the bottom of a page and looks like this:

Fanatics SEO Copy Snapshot
Fanatics SEO Copy Snapshot - not for affiliate use


Why not?  Because it’s ours.    The content on the site is copyrighted and it cannot be used without written consent.

You’ll be better served in the long term as an affiliate by learning how to write solid SEO friendly and people friendly copy on your site that is uniquely yours.  Google values unique content and you’ll have a better chance at ranking and driving traffic through your own copy, then on copy that we are already using.

Please also refrain from using non product related graphic elements from our site that aren’t included in the affiliate feed – we’re seeing a lot of people using the featured team boxes from the site and trying to make the affiliate site look like Fanatic’s site.  I don’t think that’s a good play for you as an affiliate – we’re really looking for affiliates to develop sites with their own look and feel and voice to take the ball and run with it.

Thank you for your cooperation in this.